Welcome to A Leader Like Me

An empowering community driving global diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging!

About Us

We make a difference in how underrepresented people feel at work by providing safe communities for people to learn, grow and thrive. We offer guidance, support and advice to organizations across the globe on how they can cultivate inclusive cultures so everyone in their workplace can belong. We provide training to underrepresented women of colour to give them the power to step up to adversity so they can continue to progress in their career and leadership journey. 

How we can help

We can't make a difference in the world of work alone. 

If you work for an organization and want to make a difference, join our Diversity in Action community. We need support from active allies and bystanders who care about inclusive cultures to help more businesses move from performative to performance. 

If you're a woman of colour who needs some support, a community who can help you thrive and a safe network who gets it, then our Flight programme and Nest community can help. We will give you the tools to connect, learn and grow so you can build your confidence and overcome any barriers you might face during your career and leadership journey. 

Our promise to you

We will help you build a nest: 
You will have a safe and secure place to share your stories and experience in a community with other like-minded people.

We will nurture your growth:
We will use our expertise and experience to share information, insights and inspiration to help you develop personally and professionally.  

We will help you spread your wings:
We will help you take pride in what makes you unique and valuable.

We will help you fly:
We promise to give you focus, visibility and an opportunity to progress in your career, fill those leadership seats, and/or become a thought leader in your industry. 

Why Join Us?

  • You will have access to a safe community that will help you thrive
  • The communities will allow you to connect with other people who understand the challenges you might face
  • We will provide you with tools, support and guidance to help you progress
  • You will have regular access to the latest equity, diversity and inclusion resources 
  • There will be a space for you to explore difficult questions and provide your own insights and learnings, without judgment